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Synthetics Best For Winter Stress

Synthetics Best For Winter Stress
 by: News Canada

(NC)'?You're sound asleep. Absolutely dead to the world. Suddenly, a huge person bursts in, drags you out of bed, throws you out the window into a snow bank and screams at you to start doing push-ups. Right now, faster, faster, faster! So how do you feel. A bit stressed, maybe.

Well, that's how your car engine feels every time you turn the key. Because starting your engine from cold is just like the story above. Really stressful. And the colder it is outside, the more stressful the start-up and warm-up period are.

This is one reason why synthetic motor oils are so popular in cold climates. Because synthetic oils are much more "pumpable". This means they flow better at low temperatures and circulate quickly when you start-up, even in sub-zero conditions. Some other advantages of synthetics are faster "cranking" speed when starting, and better fuel mileage.

Canada's top selling synthetic is Castrol Syntec, which contains an exclusive chemical that is attracted to metal, forming a bond with the components. The result is a protective layer called a "carpet", that cushions metal parts and reduces stress during the critical start-up period. For a small premium, oils like Syntec are a wise choice.

A wealth of interesting and valuable information on motor oils and lubricants can be found at or other well known petroleum web sites.

- News Canada

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