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Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record

Volkswagen Touareg Achieves World Altitude Record
 by: Jenny McLane

BlueTooth technology is now available for almost all 2005 BMW models providing a new standard of convenience for in-car hands-free calling. This is BMW's second major in-car communication/entertainment initiative for the 2005 model year. Likewise, Sirius satellite radio as a factory-installed option can also be availed according to the carmaker.

With a compatible Bluetooth cell phone, drivers can place calls, answer calls and select numbers from the phonebook by simply using the multi-function steering wheel or dashboard controls. It provides wireless connection between select compatible cell phones and the vehicle for hands-free calling.

A compatible Bluetooth phone is required once and the owner must complete an initial pairing procedure in order to create a private wireless connection between phone and vehicle. All subsequent connections occur automatically. Up to four pairings may be held in memory. Shipped fully activated, Bluetooth equipped vehicles needs no further activation or installation.

BMW conducts a variety of compatibility test on all available Bluetooth phones on the market to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. It must be noted that not all available Bluetooth phones are compatible with BMW'?s Bluetooth option. A complete list of all approved phones for every major cellular service provider will be available on all BMW centers

Standard equipment on the 2005 5 and 6 Series models as well as the M3 Convertible and X5 4.8is, Bluetooth technology is included in all other vehicles equipped with BMW Assist or a Premium Package. It is not offered on the 7 Series, which comes standard with a fully integrated portable cell phone. Some early production 2005 model 3 Series cars are not equipped with Bluetooth. Consult a BMW center for specific availability.

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